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Whether you are buying or selling, you need a reliable realtor in Calgary home sales, who can provide you with full-time service for your residential or commercial property sale. CIR Realty also offers exclusive opportunities to purchase foreclosures in Calgary and surrounding area. CIR Realty’s team are experts in the field, who continuously monitor the market and are considered to be top realtors and real estate brokers.



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One of the biggest and most important concerns and dilemmas you will face, when deciding ways of selling your home in Calgary, is how much is my house worth? This is especially true if the house was purchased many years ago, when market prices were completely different, or maybe you’ve inherited the property and had no idea what it could be worth. While there are key factors that play a prominent role in home evaluation, such as location and size, no one can tell you right away if an apartment within neighbourhood “X” costs “this” or “that” much.

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